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AvQs is a company who provides independent quality survey on fruit and vegetables. The company is founded in 2011 by André Vleugel. Founder of the company was born on a farm where top fruit and various  agricultural products were grown.
After the academy on the agriculture school, he has got a wide experience of more than 15 years in the fruit and vegetable chain.

The experience reached, on producer side, packing station, storage/ distribution and quality control, total an important and useful base for our service.


With our knowledge we'd like to be, a trusted and independent partner in your quality assurance .
The passion for fruit and vegetables is in our blood!


Our company is located in the Netherlands, Kapelle. From here we carry out quality inspection in The Netherlands and Belgium. The main ports of Flushing, Antwerp and Rotterdam are in a hour or less reachable.


Our core business independent quality survey on im-export of fruit and vegetables, as well monitoring Dutch top fruit during harvest and storage.


Since 11 september 2013 we have the certificate quality controller confirmed by oath.


We carry out the quality surveys with respect and care for the product. The quality records are unique in reading, short and clear. Always supported with enough pictures for your impression.


We designed our own system, each survey is recorded in the same way,  samples are tested on standards, without influence of bad or good day feeling inspector!

Our reports are mainly direct after survey available, at least within  24 hours.


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